22 Must-Have Legaltech Solutions for Lawyers

best legaltech solutions for lawyers
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What are the best legaltech solutions and tools for lawyers in the digital age?

A previous post in this blog outlined how artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and digital platforms represent a major change of paradigm for the legal sector (and why lawyers should not miss out on them).

In this article, we drill down into the issue of legal technology and, more specifically, we review 22 of the best legaltech solutions as of the time of writing.

Disclaimer: Enloya has no affiliation with any of these legal technology solutions.

The 4th industrial revolution has already started to reshape the legal profession, providing lawyers with cutting-edge tools that can allow for better efficiency and, in times of lockdowns and remote work, perhaps even better justice care. It is now up to them to shape its narrative in return and take control of what otherwise may appear as their antithesis.

In this perspective, we wish to encourage lawyers to embrace next-generation technologies, to learn how to use them, and to incorporate them into their legal and operational processes.

Legaltech Solutions in Lawyers’ Hands

One critical problem that arises from wanting to use legal technology, is the difficulty that lawyers may have to identify what technologies would be best suited for them or their firm. Pinning down “the best” is not an easy task. So, to help in that process, in this article we look into some of the most empowering legal technology solutions for lawyers as of the time of writing.

Contract review software (based on artificial intelligence):

  1. Kira: An AI-powered data extraction platform for corporate and legal documents. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it allows for uncovering relevant information / valuable insights from contracts and related documents.
  1. LawGeex: An AI-based SaaS platform to review contract clauses. All suggested edits to a contract are marked in tracked changes for someone just to “accept” or “reject” them.
  1. Legartis: An AI-based SaaS platform to review contracts in any language. Their technology enables lawyers and legal teams to spot missing clauses as well as identify all relevant clauses that need to be adjusted to comply with new regulations.

Practice and case management software

  1. Clio: A fully cloud-based case and practice management software, covering multiple practice areas and embedding a broad range of features for lawyers to benefit from. In addition, the mobile App version turns mobility into a competitive advantage

including: matter management, legal billing & calendaring, time & expense recording, documents storage and editing, client accountant, as well as a firm dashboard.

  1. LEX247: A full-featured cloud-based legal practice management software that allows lawyers to focus on their core business while freeing them from paperwork. Designed to manage and grow a legal practice, it further helps lawyers increase efficiency.
  1. SimpleLegal: A full-featured legal operations platform for matter management and billing. Easy and intuitive, it allows professionals to manage all their legal operations, matters, spend, vendors, knowledge, and more.

Billing, time-recording, and accounting software

  1. TIQ: Automated time tracking for law firms. A time capture technology built to help firms reduce leakage and optimize time-consuming processes.
  1. Apperio: The legal spend analytics and matter tracking platform to help lawyers stay always within budget.
  1. Brightflag: AI-based legal spend management software that helps in-house legal departments (particularly from multinational companies) to manage the budget at their disposal to spend on legal fees.

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Electronic discovery

  1. Swiss FTS: A web-based eDiscovery platform, easy-to-use and flexible. Able to host very large and complex projects, it allows for better analysis, combining data sources and collaboration across large teams in multiple locations.
  1. Microsoft e-Discovery: eDiscovery tools for Microsoft 365 allowing to search for content across multiple Microsoft products and services. Legal professionals can further leverage MS advanced eDiscovery solution to preserve, collect, review, analyze, and export content that’s responsive to organizations’ internal and external investigations.

Legal bots

  1. Case Crunch: An AI startup specializing in legal decision predictions. One of their products is legal bots, which they can design as per request. Case Crunch serves banks, insurance companies, law firms, and litigation funders.
  1. CourtQuant: An AI-powered platform for case prediction in the US/UK. Their solution provides highly accurate insights on the outcome and settlement probability of the case, as well as timeline, costs, and success rates of legal teams.
  1. Josef: A drag-and-drop software platform that allows lawyers and legal professionals to easily create their own legal bots. This enables day-to-day work automation, such as lawyer-client interactions, emails, notifications, legal documents, and advice.

Smart contract solutions

  1. OpenLaw: A digital contracting platform that allows lawyers to automate, collaborate on, e-sign, and analyze legal agreements. This next-generation tool for smart contracts can help save 95% of time and overhead while improving the work of law firms / legal teams.
  1. Jur: A user-friendly interface that allows to easily create smart legal contracts in just a few clicks, with attached mechanisms for dispute resolution. Their all-in platform also includes features for clauses negotiation, digital signing, and secured transactions.
  1. Parley Pro: A could-based software-as-a-service (Saas) that automates contract management processes and facilitates the negotiation of contract terms between lawyers. Parley Pro replaces the back-and-forth of contract versions with an easy, fast, and streamlined process (goodbye redlines and back-and-forth emails).

Dispute settlement technology

  1. Modron: A complete digital platform for dispute resolution practices. Manage cases, clients, disputes, resolutions, agreements and settlements, transactions, and schedules from any device at any time.
  1. Arbilex: Predictive analytics to help lawyers and litigation funders to make data-driven decisions in high-stakes cross-border disputes.
  1. RDO: A dispute resolution SaaS solution built to empower ADR experts. RDO can create and host personalized-brand platforms for legal professionals. This solution includes effortless case management, dispute resolution tools, and insightful data analytics.

Document storage and management

  1. Dropbox: Cloud-based storage software that allows real-time collaboration and document storage and management. Mainly for individuals and smaller teams.
  1. Box: Cloud-based file storage and file sharing service that provides individuals and businesses easy-to-use cloud storage solutions and collaboration tools. Compared to Dropbox, Box allows for better confidentiality and flexibility in terms of collaboration

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About the authors:

Manuel Sanchez, founder and CEO of Enloya. He would like to thank his Research Team for excellent research assistance.


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