Best Startup Directories and Listings to Promote Your Startup

best startup directories listings

Startup Directories and Listings – Submit (and Promote) Your Startup

Marketing your startup is by far a more important and more complicated task than founding it. Would you agree?

If you’re a startup owner or a team member, we know you may have asked yourself how could you make your startup visible with minimum resources – time and money – spent.

We say, your first step should be listing your business in directories (especially those focused on startups). In this digital era, it is an absolute necessity to be found online even if you operate offline.

With this article, we will try to take some things off your plate and provide you with the list of directories a startup or a new business can attain a great deal of initial visibility, users or customers. But don’t forget, marketing is an ongoing task that goes beyond listings, paid campaigns or SEO.

The Power Behind Startup Directories

From a client perspective, discovering a new business on a registry website simply gives a feeling of trust that the company or product offer is up to a certain standard and is “available” for the eyes of customers, investors, journalists. Remember the Yellow Pages or phone books back in the days? You were there to be found!

Besides, customers nowadays have a very powerful voice which can make it or break it for a young or even a well-established business. No wonder why business owners watch their online reputation carefully.

At this point, you may have wondered why it really matters which directories to entrust your company to and what makes them “tick”.

In fact, today references are done with links that provide crucial information about the web page’s importance and quality and no SEO campaign is complete without considering them. However, not all links are made the same.

Google uses bots to crawl your website to learn about your business and give it a ranking. When Google detects spam on a website, in our case – a directory, it gives them a low ranking. Now, the ranking of a website that is referencing you can directly affect your own rankings. A link from a website with a low ranking is worse than no link at all. Therefore, always check the Domain Authority of a website (DA) that is going to link to yours and make sure to stay away from websites that look dodgy.

Apart from this, quality directory websites can bring value in terms of business networking, competition surveillance, and watching the trends.

We have gathered the best startup directories and we’ve elaborated on them a bit for your reference.


As the name implies, the platform links entrepreneurs with potential angel investors, but it’s not the only thing. With AngelList, you can apply to thousands of startup jobs with a single application, and search for information not found on other job boards, speak directly to founders and team members without third party recruiters.

If you are not yet hiring or looking for a tech job, you can just list your company for free and add your team members, this will send them an invite to join and create their mini online CV.

AngelList claims to have deployed over $1 billion from investors to startups, the database currently features over 100,000 startups. There is more to gain than to lose if you register with them.
Visit AngelList


Launched more than 12 years ago, Crunchbase boasts over 50 million registrations and is one of the top global business directories. It is free for individuals. You can create your company page to showcase your products, promote your business, and conduct lightweight research.

Paid options will allow you to find more sophisticated data on potential investors, prospects, and monitor competitors all in one place.

For a startup in the early growth stage, it is hard to overestimate the value of correct market data to track emerging trends and analyze changes across industries.

Crunchbase also relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms for accuracy, anomaly spikes, and the production of data alerts.

If you only have time to submit to one directory, let Crunchbase be your choice. Browse Crunchbase’s pages to discover many new startups and get inspired!
Visit Crunchbase connects startups with corporate brands and investors. It is a profound search engine for data mining on companies of all sizes – browse by industry, country, year founded, funding received, acquisitions. It is also a place to sign up for the latest tech news, investments, and acquisitions newsletters.

Paid features offer AI-assisted custom data insights to help you leverage your prospects and track your competition. With Index Automate Plan at $25/month, you can automate your workflows by integrating 1000+ apps. allows free startup submissions as well. Join a tech crowd of thousands of globally known startups and be found!


Feedough claims to have 500,000 monthly visitors, among which are entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers from Hubspot, inc42, Forbes, Entrepreneur, students and professors from Harvard Business School, University of Washington, etc.

The core business feature of Feedough is custom-made startup review articles, written by their in-house team in collaboration with your team. This is a premium feature costing $100. Startups are reviewed thoroughly before the article sees the light. The review is then posted and shared with thousands of their subscribers over emails, social media posts, and push notifications. Consider it an online pitch.

Apart from that, startups can benefit from valuable feedback from the Feedough founders and writers.

Moreover, Feedough is an online recourse worth reading for every business owner, as it features hundreds of blog articles dedicated to startup growth, success cases, startup business models.
Visit Feedough

Killer Startups

KillerStartups is not a classic user-generated content website. You can submit your story to the Killer Startups team and they will review and feature you on their pages if deemed worthy.

Boasting over 125,000 monthly unique views and over 88,000 startups reviewed since its founding in 2007, KillerStartups is definitely worth a try. Their famous discoveries include Tinder, Uber, Plum, and Wego. Did you know, Uber raised its first $1M in 2010, 3 months after being featured?

Beyond just a startup community, KillerStartups offers tools and guides, as well as various online courses for entrepreneurs.

There are also premium plans to advertise your startup on
Visit Killer Startups

My Startup Tool

My Startup Tool has free and paid options. You may register with them and get access to a list of over 250 free, freemium and premium websites and platforms to submit your startup. Or you can choose to pay around $150 ($200 if you have an app) and let them do the submissions for you. They claim to only submit your startup to the relevant listings, and do it manually, saving approximately 5 days from your time (the time it takes to submit all by yourself).

StartUp Ranking

The free listing allows you to create your service or product page, find the competitors of your startup and compare with them, as well as compare companies within and across markets, industries, and countries.

Startup Ranking sends you a weekly newsletter on your performance, this ranking is based on your website traffic analysis, engagement on your social media, and other indicators, these scores and metrics are all AI-based.

Premium features allow more profound comparisons and data research.

They will submit your startup to 50+ directories – generic and industry-specific, so-called Booster list (submit here).
Visit StartUp Ranking


Founded in February 2010, AllTopStartups is a startup oriented blog with over 70,000 monthly visitors and over 100,000 followers.

Alltopstartups offers a free registration with access to their Startup Tool.

Otherwise, consider a premium listing option that lets you feature your startup on their home page and get it boosted on their social platforms multiple times a week. A mention by a respected source can only be of value. For just $89, it’s a good deal.

There are several other advertising packages to consider with the most expensive one at $1200. The latter has to do with collaboration on an eBook with Alltopstartups’s founder, Thomas Oppong, who is also knowns as a contributor at Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and the Observer.

If you are actively searching for early adopters, you may opt out for in-text and in-content link placements, custom-written sponsored posts, etc.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a community of over 25,000, sharing ideas, asking questions, and helping each other. Engage in direct conversations with “The Makers”!

What else can you do on ProductHunt? Find Tech jobs, listen to podcasts on Product Hunt Radio, and most importantly – get deals specifically made for startups (e.g. get HubSpot integrations with 90% discount) but only if you join the Founders Club for $60/month.

With hundreds of thousands of users, ProductHunt is one of the best websites to share and discover new tech products, applications, websites, etc.

The website also includes a daily email list that sends out the tech hunts of the day to the subscribed users.

Founded back in 2014, 2 years later Product Hunt was sold at $20 million to AngelList.
Visit Product Hunt

Hacker News

Hacker News is a website focused on tech news, it is also a forum for entrepreneurs. It uses user-generated content in the form of discussions and submissions.

Got a question about running your business, need to test an idea, got stuck with a software – ask Hacker News community members. The discussions are public, so be ready for any criticisms, as well as for a spark of wisdom.
Visit Hacker News

The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch was born as a user-generated news website where people could post startup-related stories without having to have a blog to get more coverage for their up and coming product or startup.

Now, The Startup Pitch gives startups the feedback from the community members on their pitch and other business-related questions. Third-party listing submission services are not allowed to do the registration for you, so you need to jump in and discover the power of community on your own, alongside thousands of other pitch presentations.
Visit The Startup Pitch

Another pitch desk for early-stage startups is Startup Beat.

Launching Next

Browse over thousands of trending startups and read their stories, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit your own.

Submitting to Launching Next is free, but if you want your startup to be considered for publication within 1-business day, there is a $49 fee. The listing is not always guaranteed though, so fill in the form and wait for a manual revision. You’ll receive an email if your startup is published.

The other strong side of this website is that it offers up to 200+ curated startup tools and books to launch or grow a business.
Visit Launching Next


BetaPage is home to 40,000 new startups or products and 65,000 registered members who can provide you honest feedback and maybe convert into users. Listing is for free, and it ranks well in Google.
Visit BetaPage


StartupBase is a community of entrepreneurs and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It is a place to discover and get early access to exciting new startups.

Register your startup or sign up for a weekly newsletter featuring the best new startups, resources & deals. You can even buy or sell a business with them.
Visit Startup Base


Gust is a startup network sharing tools for starting and growing a successful business. Free profile submission is also open.
Visit Gust

EU Startup Directory

Directory of EU startups sorted by country

Reddit r/startups

With nearly 400,000 users in r/startups, Reddit is the place to go to discuss your startup problems and solutions.

Do make use of their monthly contest – you submit your startup by describing it in a few lines and the community votes for it with upvotes.
Visit r/startups

— Other useful platforms —

InnMind is a platform to connect with investors and pitch to them directly, communicate with mentors, advisors and service providers.

Paggu is a website where you can read articles about entrepreneurship, startups, and digital marketing or write your own guest post on these topics. You can also submit your startup for review (approval and publication only if meets criteria).

Startup World and StartupJohn promote recent startups – this is a good chance for you to tell more about the story behind your startup.

Working With “Local” Pages And Directories

If your business is covering a specific geographic area and/or has a physical store, consider also registering in local databases.

If you are an attorney, medical professional, retail store, plumber, beauty salon, repair shop, food delivery company, you really need to work on links from local directories.

You should also look for specialty directories. An easy way to do that is to search for your business type along with the word “directory” or “your business type” along with the name of your city. Your job then is to sort out which of them are worth your time. Some of the directories will be abandoned and not accept any new listings. Some will only allow paid listings, in this case, choose the biggest name. You can even try for a year only, just be sure to track the traffic to your website and calls so that you’ll be able to see if it’s working.

Google My Business

Listing your startup on Google My Business will not only help you in local SEO but also creates a rich card for your business on Google search results whenever users search for your company name. Say, you run a yoga studio, when people in your area search for ‘yoga classes near me’, your business may also show on Google Maps.

Listing your startup on Google My Business is free and lets you share your business information (like operating hours, phone number, website) on top of all search results. Take your listing to the next level by adding photos, offers, posts, and direct bookings options.

A well-maintained entry on this platform has been claimed to produce up to 5x more views. Don’t have your website yet? You may create a simple showcase business site right in the interface of Google My Business and start telling the world about your business.

Be aware that the listing (and reviews that come with it) is not easy to just remove.
Visit Google My Business

Other local listings you may consider are Yelp, FourSquare, local job boards, local online phone directory.

And don’t forget about the good old social media and blogs – posts on Twitter, publications in LinkedIn, Medium, etc are free and they get very good ranking in Google.

The final tip:
Always keep a list of directories, listings, social media, article submission sites, and any other partner websites which have a direct link to your site. Not only it keeps your backlinks information in 1 place and lets your brain concentrate on growing your business, but it will also be a good checklist for external people, say you are hiring a freelancer or an agency for link building. Having duplicate listings is confusing for your potential users/investors, as well as for search engines.

Header photo: Youxventures, Unsplash

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