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As a lawyer dedicated to international affairs (to international trade law, specifically), I am pretty much destined to be an expat for the rest of my life. Most of the jobs I am an ideal fit for are located outside of my home country (i.e. Mexico), while my potential employers are based in cities like Washington D.C., New York, Brussels, The Hague, and Geneva, which are the sieges of the most important international organizations, my area of specialty. To be happy professionally, I have had to become an expat lawyer and get used to the idea that, no matter where I go, I will be there only temporarily, unless I do something about it

Thinking about a solution to my “expat problem” is how I came about the idea of creating a digital marketplace through which lawyers could sell their services remotely, to reach a global audience irrespective of their location, nationality, age, gender, or even budget; without having to depend on “having a job” to able to do what they love: lawyering. We live in a globalized world! – I thought – there should be no need to becoming an expat lawyer or even “having a job” (unless one really wants to). This is how Enloya was created.

Enloya is a digital legal marketplace that enables lawyers around the globe to sell their services online, to collaborate with other legal professionals digitally, and to manage their legal business, everything under one roof. If you are ready to enter the future of the legal profession (and, believe me, you don’t want to be left behind!), sign up to Enloya and start benefitting from its powerful tools today.

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1. Create your digital profile – become an Enloyan!
The first step to unlocking the digital lawyer in yourself is to create your Enloya profile. To reap the most benefits out of the Enloya platform, you don’t simply want to fill out the gaps in the sign-up form. Rather, you want your Enloya profile to look as awesome and as complete as possible. To that end, you need to invest time in customizing it. Once your sign up, go to your “settings” and include in your profile as much information as you possibly can about yourself and about the legal services that you can deliver to clients. Don’t forget to use a high-quality portrait photo – remember that first impressions are long-lasting! Also, not to be forgotten, please note that Enloya is primarily an English-language platform. If you need help with customizing your Enloya account in the English language, we work with a Cambridge-University-trained English-native-speaker editor who can help you take your profile to the next level. Please shoot us an email at to set up an appointment.

2. Digitize your legal practice – create legal packages!
Your Enloya profile is your legal store. As such, you want to list as much (and as awesome) services as you possibly can. The more and better legal gigs you list in your profile, the better chances you have of being found and that a client makes a purchase. Take the time to think about your legal skills and visualize all of the legal services that you can possibly deliver to a client. For each legal service that you can think of, create a legal gig or package. Invest time in digitizing your legal practice. Even it takes time, it will pay off. You can create legal gigs or packages in your “settings”.

3. Put your legal store on autopilot – Ka-ching!
Investing in your Enloya profile is investing in an asset. Chances are – if you have an excellent Enloya profile (that contains well-crafted legal gigs, a high-quality profile picture, and relevant information about yourself and legal skills), you can be hired and make money while you sleep. When someone purchases one of your legal services, you will be paid automatically and receive a notification in your email notifying you that a purchase has been made. Clients will receive a voucher that you are obliged to exchange for the legal service listed. In handling transactions that originate in the Enloya platform, you may want to automate a response to your clients (‘Thanks for your purchase and for being awesome, client!’) as well as the orderly collection of documents and information needed to deliver a service. Put your legal store on autopilot. You can automate a response in your “settings”. Similarly, for each legal gig that you create, you can automatically collect the information and documents that you need to deliver a service by listing these in the “requirements” section of each listing. Automating your workflow will help you build rapport with your new clients, and to collect the information and documents that you need to deliver a service, even if you receive an order while you sleep (did someone say bingo?).

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Bringing together lawyers and small businesses
Enloya can help you reach a global clientele and find remote legal work irrespective of where are you located. Profit the most out of your Enloya profile by investing time and creativity in customizing the content and legal services that you list in your profile. Consider your Enloya profile as your legal store – you want your store to be packed with good, high-quality stuff.

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Join the #EnloyaRevolution and create your Enloya profile today.

Manuel Sanchez (CEO, Enloya)


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