Manuel Sanchez, CEO of Enloya (, speaks with Mark Anthony Peterson on his podcast Gigging: Everything & Sharing Economy.

In this podcast, Manuel helps the audience understand the future of legal professional services.

Enloya connects business owners, legal recruiters, legal-tech creators and lawyers.

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Here are some quotes:

Enloya is the global platform for lawyers to sell their gigging services. Yes, I said lawyers and gig services in the same sentence, and Manuel is making that possible.”

“I think you’re going to enjoy this podcast because it’s going to open the door to how all the white-collar services are going to be sold in the future. The gig, sharing and platform economies eventually just gonna be called “the economy” and we predict that’s gonna be worth 335 billion by 2025.

“White-collar services are gonna join this economy in a big way and Manuel is going to lead the way for you.”

“People nowadays can buy and sell anything online – it’s a global economy. Why don’t we have the same system as e-commerce but for lawyers?”

“The beauty of the gig economy is the predictability of the scope of work and the prices, everything is transparent, and this is what we want to bring to the legal services market at Enloya.”

“The jobs in the job market are restrictive for foreigners. It’s almost impossible to be recruited if you do not have the right nationality…you cannot do your dream job wherever you want. That’s where Enloya comes in handy.”

“My dad is a lawyer, he is 74, and he’s been a traditional lawyer all his life, and when you ask him today, “What do you think of artificial intelligence and all that technology replacing legal jobs?” He tells me: “There are so many legal problems around the world, that the lawyers we have today are not enough to fulfill them. We need those technologies and the lawyers.” Instead of seeing technologies as something inherently disruptive to legal jobs, we should see them as an opportunity, as they can help solve the problems of people.”

“You are the Guerillapreneur – you take a concept or idea, a very low-cost market entry, and prove that the concept could work.”

“Is it possible for a lawyer to sell his services as gigs? Is it possible to commoditize legal services and create packages?”

“– The fact that it’s not easy to create packages as a lawyer does not make it impossible, you just need a little more investment in time in defining those packages. If you know your field, you pretty much know how much something is gonna take you. Creating packages and optimizing your profile on Enloya is not a waste of time – it’s an investment of time – once you do it, it’s gonna be there in your profile.”

“Basically, with lawyers’ ratings applied by their customers, you are keeping a work history, a lawyer can use it as a LinkedIn profile to attract new clients.”

“How did you solve the chicken and egg problem, the issue of all the platform-based services?”

“– I have framed a chicken and egg question in the following way. As if you are building a store: when a client comes to a store, he wants to see products, a variety of products, and of good quality, and if there are no products, he will just leave the store. And what we have focused on first is bringing the lawyers, and it’s been an issue, right, because before they join, they wanna see who is visiting the site and how many cases are there to be served.”

“There are 2 types of marketplaces: horizontal and vertical. When you have clients and lawyers – this is an example of a typical horizontal marketplace. And then you have the vertical marketplaces, which is what we want to create in the long run: we want to put all of the participants of the legal industry into the platform, and that includes legal tech creators. “

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“We have realized that the advantages that big law firms have over freelancers or independent lawyers is that they can create massive synergies. Independent workers who work on their own simply do not have this ability. Even big law firms have a problem to find people to collaborate with, I mean legal professionals specializing in a particular area of law or being licensed in a particular country. And our vision is to allow freelancers and small law firms to create their teams within the platform that can pitch a project to a client combining their skills and creating global value chains of really high scale.”

“We represent a little bit of a threat to the big international law firms, but not everything is black or white. Instead of seeing us as a threat, they should see us as a means so that they could keep their market share, and at the same time reach a bigger market, to digitize their practice and to be found easier than ever before.”

Why Marketplace For Legal Services Is The Future of The Legal Industry

“So, thanks to your search algorithms, you are helping find the right fit, a lawyer with whom a client is gonna feel like they have their own corporate lawyer, without having to do all the “homework”, without trial and error.”

“Has covid19 impacted your business? Have you seen an off-tick of lawyers applying because of the pandemic?”

“– In a positive way, yes! I think covid19 has made it evident that you have to be ready to do remote work and Enloya is really a remote work gig platform in the legal sector.”

“In 3-5 years, how do you think Enloya is going to impact the future of professional services? Because you are solving a problem, as you said, there are lots of those privileged professions that have hidden behind their closed privilege, once you solve this for lawyers, you gonna open the door for a lot more professional services that have a gig-based relationship.”

 “– Hopefully, we can become the titan and we can inspire other entrepreneurs who have the idea but don’t have the courage. I think Enloya has the potential to change the entire legal industry globally, transform the legal industry in a very positive way. Platforms have a centralization effect on industry sectors, so people who didn’t have an opportunity or a platform to sell their services and were depending on someone else giving them a job now have the platform, and when you give them all this matching between their skills and businesses who need those skills, then I think they can really profit from the platform like Enloya. In the long run, it will make legal services more accessible, the pricing of legal services  – more transparent, and these are huge problems that the legal industry has today.

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